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Tommy Bought 26 Properties in one year using this course

Subject 2 Contracts, Documents, and Q&A Calls

A full library of forms, documents, and webinars built around Subject 2 deals.

Forms that are used every day when working on your Subject 2 deals.

Sales contracts, contract addendums, information sheets, disclosures, promissory notes, rental forms and lease agreements, scripts, and worksheets.

This Package is included in both the Subject 2 training package and the Subject 2 advanced package.

Subject 2 Training Package

Learn how to buy 6 to 12 Subject 2 Properties in the next year.

Subject 2 is acquiring real property using the existing mortgage in place, in which the buyer takes the title or a deed to a mortgaged piece of property but does not have their name on the mortgage.

Once enrolled, you will have lifetime access to this training module.

The Documents package is included in this module

One-On-One Subject 2 Consulting

Roger offers this monthly one-on-one consulting to answer your questions regarding your Subject 2 deals.

You will have complete access to Roger with unlimited calls, text and emails as you work through your Subject 2 deals, you are going to need help with your gameplan, working to build your team, if you are stuck you need a way to get unstuck and have access to Roger when you need him. Roger will help you solve your problems.

The consulting package comes with unlimited access to the Documents Package and the Q & A Calls.

Land Trust Home Study Course

This is a full Land Trust package for all your real estate needs.

Learn how to create your own Land Trust.

Comes complete with multiple video training courses.

Courses are easy to use and self-explanatory.

Rogers Subject 2 Book

Free - Get 3 Free Chapters of Roger's Subject 2 Book Here