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Subject 2 Investing today, discover more about subject 2 investing, how to buy properties with no credit or money down by Roger D. Paschal

Learn How to

  • Find Sellers Fast
  • Structure the Deal
  • What documents to use
  • Deal with the banks
  • What to say to the sellers
  • and much more

Learn How to

  • Step by Step Guide
  • Build your Marketing Plan
  • How to find deals
  • Scripts to talk to sellers
  • How to fill out Documents
  • Due on Sale Clause instructions
  • What to say to sellers
  • And Much More

About Your Instructor

To teach Subject 2 transactions in an ethical and transparent way, we can create a rewarding investment for our students while helping sellers get into a much better situation.
“ …we require all of our clients to be well versed with how to proceed with a Subject 2 transaction, to be ethical and very transparent to the seller…”
Roger D. Paschal

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Why Learn Subject 2?

You can open up a new world in your real estate investing career. Ultimately, you can afford to acquire a property with less equity because there is no down payment and the closing costs are much lower. This technique can be very rewarding because with the right information, you can market yourself, learn the “why” of the seller and maintain the right relationship with mortgage and insurance companies. Without the correct strategies , it can be very difficult to deal with all the parties involved.

Make This Your Year in Real Estate

LIttle, To No Money Down

When you structure your deal, you are setting yourself up for success by learning how to purchase a property with little to no money down using Subject 2

No Credit Checks

With Subject 2, you are paying on the existing mortgage. No need to go back to the bank for a new mortgage

Low Interest Rate

As interest rates rise, you can continue to take advantage of the low interest rates from 2020. These are mortgages that were taken out when interest rates where at their lowest


Subject 2 Institute Courses

We offer 2 different bundle options, each of which includes our Monthly Q & A Call.

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Your Document Resource; A full library of Forms, Documents and Webinars to help you do your Subject 2 deals without stress.

Subject 2 Poperty Acquisition Masterclass

Step by step training on Subject 2, Our Courses are from 5 to 15 minute lessons – you will also get the Document Resource Module that is included for 3 Months!

Rogers Subject 2 Book

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